Reflexology with Diane is a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience. I have had a course of treatments before and after a hysterectomy – it improved my discomfort pre-surgery and post surgery I feel that it has helped speed up the healing process. She has got me through a stage of my life that at times has been difficult, I cannot thank her enough.                                                                                                                 
Mrs T ~ Gloucestershire (March 2011)
Reflexology with Diane - This has provided me with a quiet, calm oasis in a busy life – it allows me to gain clarity of thought and access to a spiritual well-being, parts of my life which are easily neglected. I am very grateful to Diane; her professional approach and mastery of the techniques combine to create a most relaxing experience.

Mrs E ~ Worcestershire (May 2011)


I am a busy mum to my three children under five ans also run a family business, on top of all that we are trying to move house. I was having difficulty breastfeeding my 6 month old baby due to lack of milk. I thought reflexology might help - and it did, not only that but it would be a nice treat for me anyway. After having two treatmets on consequutiver days I found that my milk production did increase as well as the the milk quality and flow. The increase in production lasted for about a week. Diane was very professional and gave a very relaxing treatment; she also listened carefully to my problems and was very understanding about my situation. She also explained everything clearly to me. I will definately be returning for more treatments and can't recommend her enough.                                       
Mrs B ~ West Midlands (April 2011)

A brief pregnancy story and the wonderfulness of reflexology
Second baby on the way and of course as everyone told me, it is sooo much easier second time round. Better emotionally and physically prepared as you and your body have done it all before!! How wrong was I to be so naive?My first pregnancy was text book. No aches and pains, no worries about life with a new born baby, I could count just 3 hair raising hormonal days in the whole 38 weeks and 5 days and was completely and utterly emotionally prepared for labour and birth. Second time round and its all going so quickly, I haven't had the time to emotionally prepare and my body and hormones have a mind of their own!! The demands of daily life, work, a two year old and a loft conversion is no wonder it all seems that bit more difficult. I soon booked myself onto the pregnancy yoga class which I found really enjoyable and helpful first time round. Second time round it just didn't seem enough. I was aware of pregnancy reflexology as my sister in law had talked about it in the past, so when Diane explained that as a fully qualified reflexologist she was now embarking on pregnancy reflexology I jumped at the chance to have weekly sessions with her. The first thing I really noticed (not to mention how much my husband also noticed) was a change in hormones. I was far less snappy, less stressed, and I would say, a lot easier to live with (as appose to the hormonal heap that turned up on Diane's door a couple of weeks before!!) Over the weeks I could pick up on physical changes, my bowels were working a lot better, the PGP was easing, my swollen feet were no more but above all I felt great!! I finally feel 'ready'. With balanced hormones, noticeably lower stress levels and the ability to cope better with any aches and pains, I can focus my attentions on preparing for the inevitable birth of my new baby, and I’m actually looking forward to it. I've not given birth yet so have no comparisons to my first but being in such a good frame of mind has helped me to prepare in a way in which i 'just know' that no matter what happens, I will be able to cope really well.    

Mrs G ~ Worcester (May 2011)